Everyday, businesses and companies need workers with customer service sills. Several companies have outsourced their customer service jobs, many now hiring remote workers. If you have a background in customer service and are looking for a position, here are a few that may be the right fit for you, or may help point you in the right direction!

  1. Home Call Center Agent: A few requirements of this job include being fluent in the language of the company’s customers, as well as having access to a phone line and internet connection, and jobs working at all hours of the day are available.
  2. Online Chat Agent: These jobs are great for those who do not want to spend all day on the telephone. Some tasks included in this job are tech support, billing questions, processing returns, or even sales viz email, text and chat.
  3. Virtual Assistant: A virtual assistant position encompasses a wide variety of tasks, often including research, scheduling, email management, booking travel, etc. These do not only need to apply to a single client, for companies often will pair assistants with a variety of clients, even too freelancers.
  4. Travel Agent: Nowadays, it isn’t necessary for travel agent workers to do business in an office, and a majority of them have moved to remote work. Agents are often most used for corporate travel, assisting frequent travelers, or making arrangements for large groups.
  5. Technical Support: These jobs frequently combine communication skills paired with specialized technical and computer skills. in addition to providing support for a specific product, it is often required you have background of advanced computer skills.

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