How It Works

What we do –

We are the world’s first HUMAN Search Engine. We provide our service by phone to Customers in Mexico, Canada and the United States.

When to use our service –

Call us Anytime you have a question about Anything. Stuck? Frustrated? Can’t Find what you’re looking for? Just Need to talk to someone? We are here.

How it Works –

When you call us, one of our Consultants or Experts will ask a few questions to help identify what you need to get done. We will take you from where you are now, to where you want to be. See Pricing Below.

Benefits –

Save Time & Avoid Frustration: Humans ask better questions than machines, this helps you get to where you want to be quicker.

Save Money: Get real answers from real people. Solutions that actually work, and for lower costs as TalktoaHuman is not incentivized to sell advertising.

About us – was created in early 2020, by a seasoned group of internet technology pioneers. These founders came to the realization that Technology does not really solve problems. It is only a tool. It is people that actually solve problems. Talktoahuman decided to bet the ranch on the idea that people are the solution, this is why we created this product

Why we do this –

In March of 2020 as the coronavirus crisis first started impact North America, we quickly decided people would need a more agile and adaptable service to meet their needs.

PEOPLE: In these times of crisis, human beings need a real connection & real solutions now more than ever. Machines, Technology, Algorithms and other systems cannot adapt quickly enough in times of rapid change. It takes a human to get it done. We are all in this together.

BUSINESSES: In these times of crisis, businesses and self employed contractors need real solutions. A SUPER low cost way to bring new customers in the door, and the ability to work from anywhere. They need a way to survive, and even prosper. Right now. Machines, Technology, Algorithms and other systems cannot adapt quickly enough in times of rapid change. What businesses need most are customers, and Talk to a Human Delivers them. Fast.

Misson –

At our mission is simple.

To put 1,000,000 people to work from home.

To help 100,000 small businesses succeed in this new economy.


Product Pricing Email Support Call with Consultant Call With Expert Text Support Project Management Personal Assistant
Free! One Email Free 10 Minutes Free N/A N/A N/A N/A
16.95 Monthly Unlimited 30 Minutes Free 1 Call Included N/A N/A N/A
99.95 Monthly Unlimited Unlimited 5 Calls Included N/A N/A N/A
499.95 Monthly Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Projects Unlimited Tasks
TalktoaHuman – Pay as you go Package
Email Support Phone Support Call With a Expert Text Support Project Management Personal Assistant
5 Dollars a Email 1 Dollar a Minute 25 a Call N/A 1500 Monthly 2000 Monthly


  • What are hours of Operation? Currently:  8AM to 5PM PST USA Monday to Saturday. 24 hour 365 day service is planned by June 1st 2020.
  • What Languages does Talk to a Human support? Currently: English & Spanish. Portuguese, Mandarin, Arabic & Russian are planned by June 1st 2020.
  • What counties does support? USA, Canada & Mexico. We plan to extend services into 30 select countries by June 1st 2020.
  • I am an expert or consultant and have not received calls yet. The process of promoting your online business can take some time. We have packages available to accelerate the time to market. We cannot always guarantee results, but we do offer a 100% 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not getting calls, please contact us so we can help you generate traffic, ASAP. Please email us:
  • After paying 99.95 a month how many times call for LIVE SOLUTIONS? As many times as you wish.
  • What is your refund policy? We provide a no questions asked 30 day refund policy for everything but set-up fees. Please email us:
  • I was not satisfied with my call experience. What do I do? Please email us: We will make it right for you.
  • I have a complaint or idea to improve your service. Great, we love feedback. Positive or Negative feedback helps us improve our service! Please email us:  We will listen.
  • I want to work with Great! Please email us:  We are here to help.
  • I want to partner with Great! Please email us: We are here to work with you.
  • I want to Invest in your company. Talk to a Human is not taking investor applications at this time.
  • I am have having technical issues getting calls – Email us:
  • I am have having technical issues calling in – Email us:
  • I paid 99.95 a month, but I am unable to get though to a talk to a human live customer service agent. Please email us  – We will make it right. We are experiencing rapid growth and this may happen from time to time.
  • I want to speak directly to the CEO. No problem! Please email us: our executive team checks every single message your feedback is what your business is built on!!
  • How come Your website has: No Chat box, no pictures, not fancy graphics? Because we want you to call us.

Become an Expert – ( Normally a Small Business, or Professionals)  is always looking for outstanding solutions experts to join our network. Please email us:

Become an Consultant – ( Work from home independent  contractors )  is always looking for outstanding solutions consultants to join our team. Please email us:

Become an Affiliate –  is always looking for outstanding partners to drive quality clicks and calls. Please email us:

Make a Suggestion –  is always looking for suggestions on how to improve. Please email us:

Get in Touch –

Please email us:  or Call 800 900 6058

Media Inquires –

Please email us:  or Call 800 900 6058