These are the weeks that count. Here are a few recommendations for the following weeks when staying isolated, staying healthy, and working from home.

  1. Build a Routine: Building and keeping to a timeframe and schedule each day will help you make it through these uncertain times while keeping your sanity!
  2. Mental Health Support is Available: Support lines are available 24/7 and it is very important that people don’t lose sight that support systems are available to them, for example a good place to start is with the World Health Organization who is providing really good guidance on how people can self-care and how they can responsibly care for their loved ones.
  3. Avoid an Information Overload: Sometimes it’s best to give your mind a break from all the craziness, and exercise some level of detachment from the constant circling of news and media. It’s always about balance, protecting yourself, and trying to not get caught up in a 24-hour intake of news and information.
  4. Don’t Skip Exercise: Sicking with your exercise routine, or creating a new one, is a major key in your mental health during these times. If the lockdown is strict, find ways to put your house, yard, patio to use for exercise. However if you are still allowed outside and in some public spaces, take the opportunity to go on a walk, or hike, yet do it was safe and distanced from others as you can.
  5. Keep Up Contact: Whether it be through using WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom, Facebook or FaceTime, keeping in contact is incredibly important.
  6. Keep a Healthy Diet: In increased times of stress, people often turn to “comfort food,” and however difficult it may be during these time to access health foods, fruits, and vegetables, it is incredible to keep incorporating them into your diet. Try not to lose sight of what is normal, so try to eat normally.
  7. Providing children with facts and truths not rumors and myths: With schools shut across the world and families working from home during this time of uncertainty, it is a difficult time for children. Exercise patience, don’t give into every rumor or gossip you hear, especially if not from a reliable or credible source, and avoid social media “sources” at all costs.
  8. Boosting your Immune System: Exercise keeps the immune system high, as well as vitamin, minerals, and nutrients. Vitamin-C is a big one here, and staying away from overwhelming yourself with stress, for stress can diminish your immune system more than you think.

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